An Inside Look at the Carmel Central Park Splash Pad

Cannonball! Well, not quite, but C&J Well Company certainly made a splash recently in Carmel. Splash pad, to be exact.We were thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation, in the department’s design and installation of its new splash pad in Central Park West Commons. The splash pad opened about six weeks ago and was an instant hit, arriving just in time for plenty of kids (and some kids at heart, too) to play around before summer came to its official end.

carmel splash pad

C&J Well’s contribution to the Central Park splash pad came in the form of a 200 gallons-per-minute (GPM) pump, which helps move all that water efficiently and reliably. Just how much is 200 GPM? Do you leave the faucet running while brushing your teeth? Well, you shouldn’t. But if you did, you’d have to brush your teeth for more than two hours to use 200 gallons. Likewise, you’d have to flush the toilet about 130 times to use 200 gallons of water. Just don’t splash around in that. Also, 200 gallons of water weighs more than 1,600 pounds, so our 200 GPM pump moves nearly a ton of water … every single minute!

The splash pad may be closed for the season, but there’s plenty of fall fun to be had exploring Carmel’s many wonderful parks and greenways. Click to find more information about the West Commons Playground & Splash Pad.

Whether it’s fun in the sun or performance for your home, C&J Well Co. has you covered, all year long. With winter weather well on its way, now’s a great time to be thinking about protecting your wellhead. Keeping it covered and your well components properly maintained will help ensure you make it through the cold season without any disruptions in your home’s water supply. Visit our website for more advice on maintaining your water well, and be sure to ask us about seasonal products, services, and special offersfor your Indiana home.