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Well Drilling

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Since 1996, we’ve happily provided customers with state-of-the-art water well drilling, water well services, geothermal drilling, and more. Using only the best materials available to drill and case our wells, we set high standards for our well drilling services, and value treating our customers with the utmost respect.

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C&J Indianapolis Well Drilling Services

Water Well Drilling

C&J drills 5 inch and larger wells for residential and commercial applications. We use only the highest quality materials and are selective when choosing an aquifer. The result – Your own private water system, implemented by the most trusted Indianapolis well drilling company.

Geothermal Drilling

If you want to utilize the earth’s natural heat and your lot is limited on space, geothermal is for you.

New Construction

Constructing a new residential or commercial building is stressful. Call us before, during, or after your big project is complete, and we’ll get over to your new spot right away to assess your land, needs, and budget to find the ideal water well solution for you.

Replacement Wells

If you are experiencing major issues with your water well, it may be time for a replacement. Our experts are standing by to assist you if you believe your home or business could benefit from a new water well.

Irrigation Wells

As a farmer or large landowner, maintaining your acreage can be overwhelming and expensive, especially if you are using city water to do so. Installing an irrigation well can be a rather intimidating idea, but becoming independent of city water can not only improve the quality of water irrigating your land but save you money. We have decades of water well installation and servicing experience to help find you the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your water needs.

Site Restoration

Includes directional drilling/ trenchless technology that minimizes soil disturbance and comes with seed and straw. Customize your options by choosing the services you desire. Scheduling is contingent on appropriate weather conditions. Contact your primary C&J Representative for more details.

Additional Services

  • Horizontal Boring
  • Site Restoration
  • Test Holes
  • Pond Replenishment Wells
  • Bucket Wells
  • Well Abandonment

If your well is properly maintained, you can enjoy top-notch service for up to 100 years!

We are committed to enabling you to enjoy years of hassle-free service, which is why we are extremely selective when choosing an aquifer for your home or business. We use only the highest-quality materials to construct your well and offer a 10-year limited warranty with any C&J Well pump system.

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