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Well Pump Services

When something in your well goes wrong, C&J Well Company can help. With highly skilled specialists, advanced tools, and fast response times, C&J Well Co. provides the expert Indianapolis well pump service you need to get your system back up and running with as little downtime as possible.

When you hire us, you can trust you’re getting a team that cares enough to serve you with our very best.

Proper Maintenance with Well Pump Service

Did you know that all wells should be professionally cleaned at least once every ten years? Proper well pump service is crucial to extending the life of your well attaining the highest level of performance. C&J Well Co. specializes in the maintenance of wells of all types and sizes. Scheduling routine well pump service with us ensures comprehensive system management and protects your well from mechanical breakdowns and other problems.

If it’s been too long, make sure to contact C&J and schedule your well pump service today.

Below are some of C&J’s Well Pump Services

Click on each of the services to learn more about them:

We install the entire pumping system from the well to the pressure tank. We do the trenching “in-house” too.

C&J offers a high-quality pumping system using variable frequency technology. What does that mean? Constant pressure. You dial in the desired pressure and “voila”! Your pump speeds up and slows down to match your demand. New construction or upgrade your existing system.

Experiencing water issues? Don’t worry, leave it to the professionals. At C&J Well Co., we understand the urgency of no-water situations, which is why we offer quick response times and prioritize “no water” cases.

Our well pump service teams are able to swiftly reach different areas of Central Indiana when needed. No matter the size of the issue, our expert teams can handle it with ease.

Worried about reaching someone outside of our business hours? We’ve got you covered! Our 24-hour answering service ensures that you can get in touch with us anytime, so there’s no need to wait until normal business hours.

Whether you are currently experiencing a water shortage or just need routine maintenance, don’t hesitate to call us. We are committed to providing prompt assistance and accommodating your needs. Trust the experts at C&J Well Co. to resolve your well pump issues efficiently.

Does your existing well have lowered water flow or heavy levels of sand and sediment? C&J can help.

What we do is remove your submersible pump out of the well, lower a high out-put air line into the well, and air lift your years of built-up sediment and gunk out the top of the well. This freshens up your old well and redevelops the screen so you get better flow and better quality water out of your well. Your well will need to be accessible for this service.

Is your home on a well and city water has recently become available, such as Carmel, Fishers, or Indianapolis? If your answer is yes, we can help! C&J Well Co’s City Water Connect is a service where we provide an easy and efficient transition to city water.

Are you having sporadic water pressure? Does your pressure switch constantly click on and off while using water? Your water tank might need to be replaced. Be sure your pressure tank is working properly, a bad tank can kill a submersible water pump very quickly.

Want to see what kind of shape your system is in? Contact us and we’ll send over a licensed technician to provide a 6-Point Inspection and give you a full well quality report. Don’t forget to ask about our other products and services, as well as our 10-year prorated warranty. No matter your well problem, C&J Well Co. is here to help.

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