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6-Point Inspection

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

~ Author Unknown

When it comes to your water source it’s always a wise choice to invest in prevention. Our 6-Point Inspection evaluates the water flow in your home, analyzes the health of wiring and piping, checks the pressure of your tank, test amps of your pump, and even samples your water for dangerous bacteria.

1. Bacteria Testing

Before we leave, our technicians take a water sample from your kitchen sink. This sample is sent to an independent testing laboratory and the results are sent to you. If the results are unsatisfactory, we have many solutions to make your water safe for drinking.

2. Flow Evaluation

During the flow evaluation, we run water to make sure your pump and well can keep up with the demand. This is a great way to determine if there are other, more serious issues in your well system.

3. Switch Analysis

Your pressure switch works with the pressure tank to regulate pressure and operate the pump. We inspect the switch contacts and wiring to ensure everything is safe and working properly.

4. Piping Exam

This is an examination for leaks in your visible water lines. We also inspect the lines for corrosion and rot. We make sure your well system piping is able to hold the necessary pressure to provide water to your home.

5. Pressure Tank Check

A properly working well pressure tank preserves the life of your well pump and pressure switch. We make sure it will build and hold the correct pressure, ensuring long life for your well pump.

6. Pump Amps Test

Your submersible well pump is the “heart” of your well system. We read the amps to make sure your pump is in good working condition.

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