Benefits of Geothermal Heat Pumps

C&J Well Company is known for our quality and commitment to wells. Heck, it’s in our name! But, did you also know that one of our specialities is geothermal well drilling? Geothermal HVAC systems offer many unique benefits over traditional heating and cooling.

Here are a few reasons to consider geothermal for your home.

Geothermal Drilling

What is Geothermal HVAC?

Private water wells actually have quite a bit in common with geothermal heating and cooling. Both are “natural” alternatives that don’t rely heavily on surrounding communities and/or public utility companies, and instead take advantage of what the earth has to offer, right at home on your own property.

Explaining a geothermal system is probably more complex than actually maintaining one. In a nutshell, geothermal works like this: temperatures remain fairly constant just a few feet under the earth’s surface, all year long (yes, even during our frighteningly cold Indiana winters). Geothermal heat pumps utilize a simple indoor handling unit, along with a network of buried pipes in the yard that create a “loop.” This loop moves groundwater (if present on site) or other liquid through the network and transfers that constant temperature from the earth to the handling unit, where it is used to heat and cool your home.

What Makes Geothermal Better?

One of the greatest benefits of geothermal heating and cooling systems, are their versatility. Depending on where you live, a traditional HVAC system may rely on natural gas, electricity, or oil. Thanks to the earth’s constant temperature, geothermal works as well in Alaska as it does in Arizona.

Another pro of geothermal is its maintenance, or lack thereof. Since it consists of few complex mechanical components, a geothermal heat pump typically lasts longer with much less maintenance requirements than traditional HVAC systems.

Geothermal systems are also much “cleaner” than fossil fuel-powered HVAC. They don’t burn gas or oil to generate heat, and they use very little electricity, too.

Less maintenance means fewer service calls to the contractor or repairman. The potential cost savings alone are enough to convince many homeowners to switch to geothermal.You can save money andenergy by switching to geothermal heating and cooling for your Indiana home. Contact us to learn more today!