Top Tips for Protecting Your Wellhead

Although most parts of a typical water well are installed below ground, there is one important component that rests on top of the soil.

Today, let’s learn more about the wellhead, and how to protect and maintain this critical part of your well.


What is a Wellhead?

Just like your head on top of your body, a wellhead is a structure that sits atop a well. The wellhead is made out of a durable PVC to help protect the well and keep the drinking water supply fresh and clean. For a better idea check out the anatomy of a well system.

Maintaining the Wellhead

Because it is the “first line” of defense for your entire well system, regularly inspecting the wellhead is an important and necessary task for well owners. Make modifications and repairs as needed and at your personal comfort/skill level, and do not hesitate to contact your local water well experts to perform larger construction projects or to close off an old well.

When mowing or performing related work around your well, be careful. Although some wellheads have small outbuildings or decorative structures covering them, others are simply a capped pipe sticking out of the ground, and are much harder to see. Lawn equipment and machinery can damage the wellhead. Chemicals and pollutants can foul the water supply. Leaves, grass clippings, and even accumulated snow can cause well blockages and carry pathogens into the water.

Well Location is Key

When landscaping around an existing well, or scouting a location for a new well, pay extra attention to the land itself. The top of a well should extend a whole foot or more above the ground. Make sure that surrounding ground slopes away from the well, as this ensures that surface water does not puddle around or drain into the well system.

Wellhead Maintenance Made Easy

For more information about maintaining your wellhead, download the helpful well owner’s manual.

Wells are complex systems and sometimes maintenance and repairs are best left to the professionals. Count on C&J Well Company for all of your well needs. Whether it’s new installation, maintenance and repairs on an existing system, or friendly and free information, we are here for you. Let us know how we can help and assist you today.