Getting Rid of Odors in Well Water

For many people unfamiliar with private wells – you know, those “city water” folks – well water conjures up thoughts of weird smells like rotten eggs. While it’s true that natural well water is higher in minerals (just like those expensive bottles sold at upscale restaurants), it usually doesn’t smell, look, or taste bad at all.

Foul odors are often a sign that something’s wrong with your well or water supply. Want to get rid of odors and keep them gone for good? Find out how below.

Getting Rid of Odors in Well Water

AIO = Air Injection Oxidization

Ever heard of AIO? It’s more than just another acronym to remember. AIO stands for Air Injection Oxidization, and it’s a fantastic and effective tool for well owners and municipal water customers alike. AIO systems are designed to eliminate two of the most common elements found in well water – sulfur and iron.

Sulfur, as you might already know, is to blame for that telltale rotten egg odor. Iron can lead to rust stains in tubs, toilets, and sinks, along with laundry and critical well components. Neither of these elements are harmful and both are quite essential in small amounts, but excess levels and buildup can cause problems over time. AIO systems fix that.

How an AIO System Works

An Air Injection Oxidization system relies on a tank and a high-tech filter to remove sulfur and iron from water as it passes from the ground through your well and into your home. At the top of the tank is an air pocket. Imagine a bottle of soda – it’s not 100% full to allow for the excess pressure.

An AIO tank oxidizes sulfur and iron in that air pocket, while adding dissolved oxygen to the water. The bad stuff is then captured in the filter, while naturally fresh, pure water flows freely through your taps.

Additional Benefits of AIO Systems

In addition to delivering some of the best tasting water you’ve ever had, an AIO system also helps keep everything clean. By removing sulfur and iron, sediment, and by controlling bacteria and scale, the AIO system promotes clean, gunk-free faucets and fixtures, appliances like dishwashers and coffee pots, laundry, and even your hair and skin! All this, without the need for any harsh chemicals or heavy maintenance.

Is an AIO System Right for You?

Air Injection Oxidation systems provide an affordable and efficient way to treat your well water naturally. Want to learn more about AIO or find out if adding a system makes sense for your home? Get in touch. At C&J Well Company, we have a variety of customizable solutions to fit you and your family’s individual water needs. Stop settling for second-rate water. This summer, enjoy the cleanest, coldest, clearest glasses of water, right out of your well!