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Indianapolis Well Service Discounts

(REG. $150)

What's in your water?

Fill out the form on this page or contact us at 317-943-6426 to request a bacteria test. We take a water sample and send it to an independent testing laboratory. Our experts will then follow up and explain in detail your results and any solutions.

A water well cleaning is recommended every 10 years.

Ask About Our 6-Point Inspection:

  1. Bacteria Sampling
  2. Pump Amps Test
  3. Piping Exam
  4. Switch Analysis
  5. Pressure Tank Check
  6. Flow Evaluation

C&J’s technicians will thoroughly check your system and make sure everything is working properly!

J&J Well Co. 25th Anniversary

Submit the form below and a C&J Representative will contact you to schedule your bacteria test.

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