Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

The highest quality H2o should taste and smell like nothing at all. And, few things force a person to drop their glass faster than water that smells like rotten eggs.

That distinct odor typically has a distinct cause. Keep reading to find out what it is and how to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Hydrogen Sulfide – It Stinks!

The characteristic rotten egg or sulfur smell in your water most likely comes from hydrogen sulfide, a naturally occurring gas known by the formula H2S. Hydrogen sulfide is colorless and heavier than air. Besides its pungent aroma, H2S is also corrosive, flammable, and even explosive in very large quantities! But don’t worry; the worst thing it’ll do to you is make you reach for the Febreeze.

The presence of hydrogen sulfide in your water supply often means the supply has a higher than normal sulfur bacteria count. If you only notice the rotten egg smell when running the hot tap, your water heater is probably to blame.

Great. So How Do I Get Rid of H2S?

Turn on the water at each of your fixtures (sinks, fridge dispenser, showers/baths, and laundry machine, etc.) to find out if the hydrogen sulfide smell is isolated. Note the following:

  1. If the odor only appears in hot water, you’ll want to hire a licensed plumber to inspect and possibly flush & fill your water heater.
  2. If you have a water softener, and the odor only appears in fixtures connected to the system, you’ll want to change the solution and filtration.
  3. If the odor appears in hot and cold water, your well or water supply may be affected. If you’re on a public supply, contact your local water utility. If you have a private well, give us a call.

If you are concerned about the safety of your home’s water supply, even after the rotten egg smell goes away, ask about our water treatment services. We are happy to assist you with that process.

Maintaining & Safeguarding Your Private or Public Water Supply

At C&J Well Company, we do much more than build wells. Sure, we dig a lot of holes, but we also serve our neighbors across central Indiana with well services including cleaning, maintenance, and water treatment. Connected to a public water supply instead of a private well? We serve you, too! Learn more about water softeners, whole-home water purification systems, reverse osmosis, geothermal, and more.

C&J Well is your one-stop solution for the clearest, cleanest, freshest tasting water around. And we guarantee it’ll be stink-free, too.