How to Chlorinate a Water Well

Chlorination Instructions:

Please be advised: Iron, minerals, and sediment can become dislodged during the chlorination process. This can cause plumbing, softener, and/or well pump issues.

Adding liquid bleach to well water can help purify the water and household plumbing. To avoid damaging a water softener or other treatment equipment, put each unit into bypass mode.

  1. Calculate the amount of liquid bleach to use. Increase the amount of bleach if more purifications are required.
  2. Remove well cap and pour liquid bleach into well. Hose the bleach into the well. Mix for about 10 minutes if splashing is heard.
  3. Cap the well. Allow 10-20 minutes for bleach and water to mix. To treat your softener, contact the dealer for instructions.
  4. Open water faucets and showerheads. Turn off faucets and showerheads when a strong bleach smell is present.
  5. Leave the bleach in plumbing for 6-8 hours or longer.
  6. Rinse all bleach from household plumbing before sampling water. Use a swimming pool kit if available.
  7. Do not run heavy concentrations of bleach into your septic system.
  8. Sterilize sample point before a sampling.
  9. Run water for at least 5 minutes before sampling.
  10. Collect sample per laboratory instructions.

For more information about household water quality click HERE

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