Anatomy of a Water Well

You turn on your tap; water flows out. When it comes to wells, we don’t give them much thought. Let’s look beyond that bit of pipe that sticks out of the ground and dive deep into the anatomy of your water well.

Well Head

That pipe we just mentioned is called the well head. This is the very top of a well, consisting of the tip of a long pipe constructed of weather-resistant material (typically PVC). A well expert such as C&J Well Company will access the well head to reach many of the other system components. When not in use, a secure cap fits over the head to keep out debris and protect the electrical wiring that powers the pump.

Well Casing

The length of pipe itself is called a casing. This long pipe is usually also made of durable PVC, which doesn’t corrode like metal casings that used to be standard decades ago. Water rises into the casing up to the pump, which then transports the water into your home. C&J Well Company uses a specially designed pressure grout to coat the casing, providing increased strength and better protection of well components. We also dig wells into natural underground gravel beds to promote efficient water flow, which helps form aquifers for constant water sources.

Well Pump

If your water well was a living creature, the pump would be its heart. This is the main and most important component of the entire system. The submersible well pump uses electricity to draw water from an underground aquifer and send it through plumbing pipes to fixtures in and around your home. Although well pumps are designed to provide many years of trouble-free service, their streamlined design allows for easy removal from and reinsertion into the casing in the event of maintenance or repairs, by an experienced well pro such as C&J Well Company.

Well Screen

At the very bottom of the casing, below the pump and above a specialized sand media, sits the well screen. Just like the filter in your coffee pot, this screen filters out tiny bits of debris from your water source thanks to its stainless steel design, while the sand traps even smaller particulates. This provides increased protection of the well pump and other vital well components. C&J Well suggests having your screen cleaned at regular intervals. We can accomplish this task quickly and efficiently, using a combination of highly pressurized water and other techniques to blast any accumulated debris out of your well without damaging its parts.

Protecting & Maintaining Your Well

Whether you need a new well dug and installed, scheduled maintenance of an existing well, or repairs or replacement parts, count on C&J Well Company. From top to bottom, inside and out, we are your go-to Central Indiana water well team! Also, learn how to disinfect your well!