How “Well” Do You Know Your Water Pump System?

When it comes to water wells, do you think pumps are pretty much the same? Well, think again.

Constant Pressure vs. Standard or Conventional Pressure

There are some big differences between two of the well pump systems commonly found on today’s market. In fact, one of these systems was on yesterday’s market, due to the fact its technology has been around for more than 50 years.

One of the questions new water well customers ask us the most goes something like this:

“Hey there C&J Well Company, should I get a constant pressure or a standard pressure pump system?”

This is a great question, and one we really love to answer! It’s also a very important question, and depends on a lot of factors like home size, family size, budget, and your water consumption demand.

Constant pressure and standard pressure systems both do the same thing, and that’s move water from your well into and throughout your home’s plumbing. However, they do this in different ways. With constant pressure, the system closely monitors your home’s water pressure and adjusts your pump accordingly. Say you are taking a shower – the system will speed up or slow down your pump if it senses a second shower, or a washing machine, or a lawn sprinkler turn on or off, for example.

With a standard pressure system, there is no speeding up or slowing down. It simply turns on or turns off your pump depending on changes to water pressure at home. These hard starts and stops are less gentle on your pump, but standard pressure systems can help conserve a bit more water over the life of the system.

Benefits of Constant Pressure Over Standard/Conventional Pressure

Go for a ride through Indiana’s countryside and you might notice one or more larger tanks next to some of the homes. These big 100+ gallon tanks usually mean the home is equipped with a standard pressure system. There is nothing wrong with this type of system – it simply isn’t the most efficient system on today’s market. When you upgrade to a constant pressure system, you actually decrease your tank size. You may even decrease the amount of tanks you need. A constant pressure system utilizes a tank not much larger than a standard propane tank for your gas grill. This means it takes up much less space on your property.

Another benefit to a constant pressure system can be found right there in its name. These systems automatically turn on or adjust the speed of your pump when a sensor detects a drop of just a few PSI. Compare this with a standard pressure system, which typically activates the pump only after a drop of 20 or more PSI. Thanks to greater precision in constant pressure systems, you won’t experience as much fluctuation in your home’s water pressure as you might remember with older systems. Talk about enjoying city water without the city water bill! As a bonus, due to fewer fluctuations in PSI and the ability to adjust the pump, constant pressure systems usually require fewer pump startups and stops. This can greatly reduce the wear and tear on your pump, extending its service life while cutting down on maintenance costs.

Ready to add or upgrade to a well pump system that takes up less space while delivering water pressure similar to what you’d find in the city? Get in touch with C&J Well Company of Indianapolis! We’re happy to answer all of your questions about constant pressure and standard pressure systems. When you contact us, be sure to also ask about our special seasonal offers going on right now. You can save up to several hundred dollars and even take home some water treatment equipment for free with select purchases.

Ride the wave of water well future – upgrade to a constant pressure system today!