Benefits of Installing a Home Water Well

homes with a water well

At C&J Well Company of Indianapolis, water is our bread and butter. We know a thing or two about it, and we want you to know just how much better well water is than that treated City stuff.

So keep reading for a list of our three favorite benefits of your own private water well.

1) The Price Sure Is Right

Hate having a water bill? Well, guess what? Well water is free! After the initial costs of installing your private water well and equipment, you can kiss those pesky municipal bills goodbye. Add up your family’s average monthly bills, and you can really get a sense of how much you’ll save in the long run.

Like any home appliance, there are some maintenance costs associated with keeping your water well pump running smoothly, but as long as you follow routine maintenance with the help of C&J Well Company, those costs will be minimal and few and far between.

2) Reliability and Durability

Speaking of routine maintenance, that’s another one of our favorite benefits of private water wells. The systems are surprisingly reliable and resilient, and they are built to last. High-quality well pumps, like the Grundfos line sold and serviced by C&J Well Company, will run smoothly for 10, 15, or even 20 or more years with minimal routine maintenance.

Forget boil water advisories, water main breaks, municipal treatment plant accidents, and other water quality issues that are out of your hands – with a private water well, your fresh water source is as close to home as it gets, instead of way over on the other side of town and through miles upon miles of aging infrastructure. Talk about buying local!

3) Cheers to Your Health

We’re not knocking municipal drinking water, which is a safe and proven source of potable water for millions of Indiana families. However, to make that water safe, local water departments rely on a variety of controversial chemicals and other harsh treatment methods. From caustic and chlorine, to heavy filters and even fluoride, there’s quite a bit of stuff that goes into your typical glass of water to take all the bad stuff out. And sometimes the bad stuff still makes it through.

One of the side effects to public water treatment is the removal of many healthy, naturally occuring minerals. Not with well water. Thanks to natural filtration in the earth, well water tends to taste better, feel better, and is better for you. If you still want a bit more peace of mind, C&J Well Company offers a variety of filtration and water quality systems to accompany your private well.

Well water really gives you and your family the best of all worlds. It’s affordable, it’s reliable, it’s healthy, and it’s all yours. To learn more about the many benefits of having your own water well, contact the local water well pros at C&J Well Company of Indianapolis. Whether you have a thousand-acre farm in the country or a half-acre homestead in the heart of the city, we have a water well solution designed just for you. Cheers!