Like Fort Knox—Is Your Water Source Protected?

Fort Knox, Kentucky is the home to the United States Bullion Depository, where over half of America’s gold reserves are stored. This fortress was built in 1936 on 42 acres in northern Kentucky and has also protected the Magna Carta, the Crown of St. Stephen, the Gettysburg Address, a Gutenberg Bible, and even the Constitution of the United States. Above all, the thing Fort Knox is known for is security. Because of the extreme security measures—granite-lined concrete walls, razor wire, surrounding minefields, and even its own police force—the Fort Knox vault has become synonymous with impenetrability. The defense of Fort Knox has reached near-mythical proportions, inspiring books, TV shows, and movies (think James Bond in Goldfinger).  Visitors are not allowed  on the property and, according to Wikipedia, “The subterranean vault is made of steel plates, I-beams and cylinders encased in concrete. Its torch and drill resistant door is 21 inches (53 cm) thick and weighs 20 short tons (18 metric tons). The vault door is set on a 100-hour time lock, and can only be opened by members of the depository staff who must dial separate combinations.” Unquestionably, Fort Knox is designed to keep valuables inside, and everything else outside.

Security is an inexorable part of our human existence. We purchase insurance policies, lock our houses and vehicles, install camera systems and alarms, buy video doorbells—and rightly so. Just like Fort Knox, we take these measures to discourage intrusion and to prevent harm to whom and what we value.

All of the safety precautions notwithstanding, the question could be asked, “What are you doing to protect your water source?  Most likely, your well water comes from an underground aquifer, up through a well casing. This casing should be capped off above the ground, but what is the condition of your well cap? Does it keep your water source secure? If you haven’t thought about your well cap in a while, it’s probably time to check it out, and perhaps replace it. C&J is here to help with that. A well cap from C&J is made of rust-proof aluminum and sturdy thermoplastic. It prevents bugs, rodents, and other foreign objects from contaminating your well and polluting your water source.

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