But Wait, There’s More—Two Great Preventative Measures for your Well!

We have all been up too late at night, suffering from insomnia or simple boredom, when a dark-haired salesman has shouted these words—But wait, there’s more! This man in a blue shirt and with a perfectly manicured beard was none other than Billy Mays. His energy was contagious and his appeals impassioned. He enthusiastically peddled a myriad of “As Seen on TV” products, convincing our sleepy minds we needed these panaceas. Mighty Tape would fix any leak, The Ding King could remove any dents, or you could even purchase the iTie—the necktie with a hidden pocket.

Perhaps the most memorable product offered by Mr. Mays was OxiClean. “Don’t just get it clean, get it OxiClean,” Billy would admonish insomniacs in the wee hours of the morning. He promised it would remove wine stains from white carpet, dirt from your kids’ sports uniforms, even set-in stains from your pets! As banal as this sales pitch seemed, OxiClean has stood the test of time because it actually works. When my daughter got a bloody lip and stained my sweater—OxiClean time. When I fell on a hike and got mud all over my shorts—OxiClean time. When my toddler surreptitiously found a Kit Kat bar and got chocolate all over herself, you guessed it—OxiClean time. Why does it work so well? Because of some hyper-scientific formula with sodium percarbonate, or whatever, but just trust me and Billy Mays, it works.

As a culture, we seem to be obsessed, or at least infatuated with, getting things clean. To our credit, we have hand sanitizer at all times, wash our hands religiously, and even send in undercover reporters to sniff out health-code violations at local restaurants. With all this focus on cleanliness, I wonder, when was the last time you had your water well cleaned? A well cleaning is the first step to maintaining a healthy drinking water system for your home.

At C&J Well Co. we are experts at making sure your water is safe and sanitary. We recommend a well cleaning every ten years to remove sediment and to keep your system running properly. You may also need a well cleaning if you have sputtering faucets, low water pressure, or murky water. During a well cleaning, we remove your submersible pump out of the well, lower a high-output air line into the well, and airlift years of built-up sediment and gunk out the top of the well. This freshens up your old well and redevelops the well screen so you get better flow and better quality water.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, preventive maintenance is exponentially better than emergency reactions. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Contact us and schedule your well cleaning and inspection today!