Keep It Simple at the 2020 Indianapolis Home Show!

On his hit show Kitchen Nightmares, Chef Gordon Ramsey definitely brings the drama. The show features a failing restaurant that has petitioned Gordon for help turning the business around. If you’ve ever seen an episode, it is filled with staged melodrama, extensive nervous breakdowns, elaborate twists and turns, and, unfortunately, profanity-laced tirades from Ramsey. One consistent theme among these quagmires is Ramsey’s admonition to, “Keep it simple!” Chefs often overload and overcomplicate their menus, because there are so many dishes they enjoy cooking. This tendency leads to all sorts of problems like waste, less content consumers, more stress and work for staff, and brand confusion.

Your visit to the Indianapolis Home Show has the potential to be like one of Ramsey’s Nightmare kitchens—too many options on the menu can lead to information overload and hamstring wise- decision making.

C&J’s advice? Keep it simple and go with the pros! We know water from the ground to your tap.

Water Treatment

At C&J Water, our treatment solutions can ensure you don’t have unwanted particles in your water. Our water softeners prevent mineral deposit build-up in appliances, while using less soap and detergents. A whole-house sediment filter is used to protect your water softening equipment and plumbing fixtures from larger particles that might come into your home. Our reverse-osmosis filtration system has several filters and membranes that remove organic and inorganic solids from your drinking water.

Well Drilling

Using our decades of experience, as well as the latest geological information available, our well drilling crews are able to help you locate a good place on your property that yields the best results for your needs, while complying with state regulations. Whether you need a well for a new home, or an emergency replacement well for an existing property, you can trust C&J.

Well & Pump Service

Whether you have a no-water emergency, or you’re having low pressure in your water system, the experts at C&J will work to diagnose and solve your issue. We can effectively service your interior equipment like tanks and pressure switches, as well as dig up and repair outside leaks and water lines. Our licensed technicians are more than equipped to handle even the the most complex problems.
This year at the Indianapolis Home Show let C&J simplify your water needs, whether it be a new well, service on your existing well, or water treatment solutions. Stop by Booth #201 for more information!]