Dirt Don’t Hurt—Unless It’s in Your Drinking Water

As my precocious 3-year-old daughter trekked down the hill in our backyard, she swatted away gnats and other sundry critters, determined to spend the day playing in the brook at the bottom of the hill. She was loaded with all sorts of toys, and on her feet were her trusty water shoes (I can’t even begin to describe how tattered and smelly these shoes were—but I digress).

The stream the locals of South Glastonbury, Connecticut call, “Roaring Brook” made a circuitous route through our property. It is an idyllic place for the robust imagination of my sanguine child. However, her delightful day of adventure soon turned to dismay when she realized there were rocks and mud at the bottom of the creek. My dainty daughter gazed toward me for direction and guidance, and with all my fatherly wisdom and grammatical eloquence I told her, “Mira—dirt don’t hurt.” Her trepidation notwithstanding, she stepped into the creek and had a great time that day. She is 7 now, but those words still ring true as she reminds me from time to time, “Daddy—dirt don’t hurt.”

As any parent knows, there is a balance between teaching kids to be cautious, yet courageous. It is our job to protect them without smothering them. C&J Water understands this balance, and strives to meet the water treatment needs of families in Central Indiana. “Dirt don’t hurt” is great advice when playing outside, but terrible policy when it comes to the water in your home. At C&J Water, our treatment solutions can ensure you don’t have unwanted particles in your water. Our water softeners prevent mineral deposit build-up in appliances, while using less soap and detergents. A whole-house sediment filter is used to protect your water softening equipment and plumbing fixtures from larger particles that might come into your home. Our reverse-osmosis filtration system has several filters and membranes that remove organic and inorganic solids from your drinking water. At C&J Water, “dirt don’t hurt,” because our treatment equipment doesn’t let it. Contact us today for more details!