Well Cleaning: Before & After

You know, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we believe it! You can read a wealth of well-related information on C&J Well Company’s website, but we want to show you what some of that info looks like up close.

So, let these before & after photos of a professional well cleaning speak for themselves. We’ll use as few words as necessary to describe what’s going on. You’re always encouraged to contact us with more questions.

Before… Whoa.


This filthy geyser is full of mud, gunk, and other debris – definitely not what your tap water should look like. When C&J cleans a well, we first inspect your system, and then carefully remove your submersible pump and use precision equipment to flush out your well, resulting in the spectacular, albeit kind of nasty, surge you see here.

After… Wow!

Well Cleaning: Before

Now that’s some good-looking water right there.

After blasting away years of build-up from your well, the result is crystal clear water, a refreshed filter, and better pressure through all of your faucets and fixtures.

Just like your vehicles, home, and other important and valuable possessions, having your well professionally and regularly maintained is vital to its performance and its lifespan … not to mention, your health!

When to Clean Your Well

If these photos aren’t enough, here’s a short video that explains why it’s important to clean your water well. As for the “when,” C&J Well Company suggests having your well cleaned out every 7-10 years.

Summer is a great time for professional water well services of any kind. Whether it’s cleaning, chlorinating, repairing, or replacing, our expert, friendly team can help you.