Where Does Well Water Come From?

For most of you reading today’s blog post, well water is an essential part of your daily life. Fewer of you though, have probably asked yourself the question, “Where does well water come from?” Read on and learn about the origins of our favorite liquid on – and in – the planet.

Where Does Well Water Come From?

From the Ground to Your Tap

Almost half of the U.S. population – about 44% – relies on groundwater for its drinking water. And, if you think wells are rare, you’re wrong … more than 43 million Americans source their drinking water from a well.

It’s important to note that groundwater isn’t the same thing as water from lakes and rivers, which are the sources of public water supplies, i.e. “city water.” Although rivers and lakes are major sources of fresh water, surface water is just like it sounds – found on the surface. Because of this, lakes and rivers are far more prone to pollution.

Groundwater, on the other hand, is found in underground aquifers, where it is naturally filtered through many layers of rock and sand. Reached by drilling wells, groundwater is fresher and cleaner than surface water sources like rivers. Groundwater is also less likely to be contaminated. What’s more, a groundwater source that is delivered to your home via well recharges itself, and can provide you, your family, and your property with a constant source of fresh, healthy water even through extended stretches of dry weather.

Keeping Your Well Water Clean

While it is naturally clean, groundwater is not immune from contamination. Fertilizer and pesticide runoff, as well as household chemicals if not properly disposed of, can leak into nearby wells. Grass clippings, mulch, and other debris can fall into an uncapped well. Unmaintained wells promote sediment and bacterial growth, which can find their way into the tap water.

You can keep your water safe by scheduling regular well cleanings and taking care of the area surrounding your well. Discover more helpful well owner tips in this free guide.

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