Get the Lead Out of Your Water

By now, we’ve all heard what’s happening not that far across the Indiana state line with our neighbors to the north. Flint, Michigan is in crisis mode, after startling revelations that lead has contaminated the municipal water supply, making tap water dangerous for city residents to drink.

While the vast majority of our customers rely on private wells for their water supply, C&J Well Company wants to remind you that lead can affect well and city water alike. Read on for some helpful tips about what you can do.

lead tap water

What is Lead, and How Does it Get There?

Although rare in your well water, lead is commonly found elsewhere. It is a naturally occurring metal (chemical symbol Pb) that is used in a variety of applications. The vest you wear at the dentist’s office for X-rays is made of lead. The stuff is found in everything from batteries to bullets. Before folks knew just how poisonous lead really is, we used it in gasoline, paints, and plumbing pipes. And that last application is often how lead finds its way into your tap water.

Prevention, Early Detection is Key

Keeping your well clean and properly maintained is incredibly important. So is having your water supply regularly tested. Learn more our professional water quality testing. Whether you rely on a private well or a city utility, we can help you determine if your tap water is safe to drink.

Say your tap water test comes back positive for lead … what do you do? If you have a well at home, the first step you’ll want to take is to have your system components inspected for lead. If your well contractor is unable to find lead in the well’s materials, he or she may suggest a full water well cleaning and flush, or other treatment options like reverse osmosis or specialty filters.

Remember, boiling contaminated water won’t remove the lead. In fact, hot water dissolves lead better than cold water, which might cause more of the toxic material to leach from your pipes.

Safeguarding Your Water Supply

Though lead contamination in well water is relatively rare, it never hurts to make sure your water is 100% safe to drink. From something as simple as water quality testing, to major services including new well drilling and installation, C&J Well Company is your best source for safe tap water products and services. Winter is the best time to save on many of these, so be sure to check out our current coupons and promotions.