C&J Well Company Celebrating 20 Years

Do you remember what you were doing around this time 20 years ago? The Dallas Cowboys took home their fifth Super Bowl trophy. The University of Kentucky was on its way to a sixth NCAA men’s basketball championship. And Christy and Josh Abdnour purchased their very first well drilling rig.

A lot has changed since 1996. The Cowboys have a new stadium. The Wildcats, as much as it pains us to say, have a few more titles. And we’re celebrating 20 years of service here at C&J Well Company. We can’t say it enough … THANK YOU! Thanks for letting us serve you these past 20 years, and thanks in advance for 20+ more. We are proud and truly blessed to be a part of the Indianapolis area.

C&J 20th Anniversary

Starting With a Single Rig

Twenty years ago, C&J founders Christy and Josh had the opportunity to purchase a well-worn, secondhand drilling rig from “Water Wells by Wilhite.” They worked hard for a few years as subcontractors, until they eventually saved enough money to purchase the company itself.

Fast forward from that first big investment in 1996 to today. C&J Well Company has grown in so many ways. Our team has grown, our fleet has grown, and our facilities have outgrown their original capacity, to the point that we recently moved our operations headquarters into a larger building in Zionsville. And our family has grown, too. Christy and Josh now have five awesome boys at home!

The success and growth of C&J Well Company could never have happened without you, our customers across central Indiana. We appreciate your business, and we appreciate you making us one of the highest-rated well companies in the state.