How to Select a Well Contractor

Searching for new service professionals is never fun. Mechanics don’t always have the most reliable reputations. Picking a new dentist is about as fun as pulling teeth. How do you choose a professional who you can trust?

At C&J Well Company, we understand your challenge. As a family-owned business serving central Indiana for decades, we’ve learned a thing or two about instilling trust and building strong, lasting relationships with our customers.

We surveyed the office and share with you these five top tips from our experts for selecting a well contractor.


Tip #1: Check Qualifications

This might go without saying, but before you hire a well contractor, or anyone for that matter, make sure he or she is qualified to do the job. Sure … you might find the best price on Craigslist, but when it comes to contractors, you usually get what you pay for.

Tip #2: Ask Around

Professional qualifications such as licenses, insurance, state/federal agency registrations, and BBB membership are all important. So are real opinions from your friends and neighbors. When comparing well contractors in your area, be sure to ask fellow well owners who they hired and why. Web searches and social media are other great sources for customer reviews.

Tip #3: Locally Owned?

Here at C&J Well Company, we know lots of qualified well contractors across the country. Problem is, lots of them are all across the country. If you live in central Indiana, you want to hire a well contractor from right here in central Indiana. Demand that your contractor has a rock solid understanding of the local geology they plan to drill in.

Tip #4: Local Laws

Hiring a locally owned well contractor typically gives you, the customer, an added bonus: all laws and regulations are followed. When narrowing your search, ask contractors about relevant city, county, and state laws. If you get a lot of “uhs” and “ums,” keep searching.

Tip #5: Guarantees are Key

Whichever well contractor you choose should also provide you a written and signed warranty and guarantee. Quality companies that use quality products are typically reliable, but if an accident or unforeseen problem should occur, you deserve a company that will continue to serve you long after the initial job ends.

Simplifying Your Well Contractor Search

At C&J Well Company, we’ll work harder than anyone else in this industry to earn your business and keep it, too. With that said, the choice is always yours, and we respect that. If you choose to hire another well contractor, we hope you’ll still use these five tips to your advantage. Learn more by reading this free well owner’s manual from Water Systems Council.

Not sure just who to hire for your next job? Not a problem! Contact our team today for friendly advice and a free, no-hassle consultation on your well service needs.