Well Drilling: 101 With the C&J Team

Well Drilling:101 With the C&J Team

If you live in central Indiana and rely on a water well, chances are you’ve heard of C&J Well Company. But to enjoy all the benefits that come from well water, you need to start with a well.

Well, we drill those, too. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of wells, along with some of the expert services you can expect from C&J Well Drilling.

Water Well Drilling

This is our most popular service and the most common type of well found around Indiana. Water wells are necessary to reach underground aquifers. The earliest water wells literally were holes in the ground, dug down until water started bubbling up. At C&J, our wells are a bit more advanced than that. We use hydrology maps and the latest technology to pick a spot on your property that will provide the most reliable, highest quality drinking water available. After digging, we use only the best well pumps and equipment to ensure decades of low-maintenance, hassle-free service.

Irrigation Well Drilling

If you are interested in using groundwater for more than drinking, cooking, and cleaning, you may want to invest in irrigation well. These wells are designed for farmers, landscapers, and landowners with large properties. Irrigation wells work much like a standard water well, except that they are hooked up to sprinklers or similar outdoor water supply systems. For high water users – those with crops, livestock, acreage, etc. – relying on municipal water can be very cost-prohibitive, and irrigation well can improve your water quality while saving you money at the same time. C&J can design, dig, and install an irrigation well whether you are on well or city water.

New & Replacement Well Drilling

Tired of ever-increasing water bills from your local government? Already on well water, but dealing with equipment or water supply problems? Talk to C&J Well Drilling today. Our team has decades of combined experience on new and replacement wells of all sizes and applications. A lot of our customers are surprised when they learn they don’t need to live way out in the country to enjoy the benefits of natural well water. We have drilled and set up new water wells for many customers within Indianapolis and surrounding city limits. Likewise, we offer replacement well drilling services for old, outdated, or malfunctioning wells, or in instances when an underground water source runs dry.

Geothermal Drilling

Geothermal energy is fast becoming a popular alternative for heating and cooling your home or business. Not only is it more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels and other energy sources, it is cheaper, too. Geothermal technology taps into the earth’s renewable energy just a few feet below the surface of the ground. Down there, the earth’s temperature remains relatively constant all year long. Installing a geothermal heating and cooling system involves drilling underground and burying a network of pipes, called “loops.” Depending on the application, these loops circulate warm water in the winter months and transfer the energy to a heat pump. In the summer, warm air is pulled from your home through the pump and transferred back to the loop, where it returns to the earth. C&J has developed a variety of geothermal drilling methods, customizable to the size and shape of your individual home and property.

Other Indiana Drilling Services

In addition to the more common applications mentioned above, C&J Well Drilling offers a number of other well and drilling services designed to fit your needs. These include directional boring, test holes, pond replenishment wells, dewatering wells, well abandonment, and more.

When it comes to drilling, one size never fits all. Contact the C&J team today to learn how we can assist you.