Water Wells Then & Now: Traditional vs. Pressure Pump Systems

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Water Wells Then & Now: Traditional vs. Pressure Pump Systems

In your home over the years, chances are you have upgraded things like your car, kitchen appliances, televisions, washer and dryer. So why rely on outdated water well technology?

C&J Well Company explains some of the differences and benefits of new water pressure pumps versus older but still common conventional systems.

Constant Pressure or Conventional Pressure?

When it comes to water pressure, which is better – constant or conventional? That depends on several factors, but the short answer is the latest generation of constant pressure pumps are best. Although both systems technically do the same thing, which is pressurize your home’s water supply, they do so in different ways. Conventional (also known as standard) pressure systems simply turn on your well pump when you turn on the water. Open a kitchen sink or a bathtub faucet, and the system pressurizes the water based on how much you open a particular handle. Turn on both at the same time, and you’ll notice a drop in pressure at both fixtures.

Newer generation constant pressure systems actually adapt to fluctuations in home water pressure, and automatically adjust your well pump so that water pressure remains constant. For example, you can take a shower and run a load of laundry at the same time without losing water pressure at either point. For families getting ready for school and work in the morning, say goodbye to arguments over who gets to shower first!

Advantages to Constant Pressure Systems

Constant pressure water well systems are more efficient than the older systems they are designed to replace. With a constant pressure system, you can reduce your water tank size and even the number of tanks your home needs. The sensors in constant pressure systems are surprisingly accurate, too, able to adjust to the slightest variations in water pressure PSI in your home. This means far less fluctuation in felt water pressure and fewer pump startups and stops, which also reduces wear and tear on well components. Constant pressure systems are ideal for larger families, larger homes, and households with greater daily water demand.

Advantages to Conventional Pressure Systems

Let’s use the television as an example. TVs have gotten larger, lighter, brighter, and more affordable over the last few decades, and they seem to keep improving every year. If you don’t watch TV very much, you don’t need the latest and greatest model. Likewise, a conventional pressure system that is still in good mechanical shape will likely meet your needs if your daily water demand is low. These systems, although outdated, remain reliable and are good for single customers or small families, small homes, and households on a tighter budget.

So, which system is right for you? Not sure if a constant water pressure upgrade makes sense or is worth the investment? Talk to C&J Well Company of Indianapolis to learn about the options available today!