Will It Work, or Will It Last? The C&J Difference

Will It Work, or Will It Last?

Imagine floating around weightlessly like an astronaut and exploring unknown surroundings, without ever leaving Earth’s atmosphere. As you journey through uncertain territory, you encounter a 16-footwide winged fish, then a 523-foot-long missile tracking ship. No, you are not in a scene from Star Wars, you are scuba diving off the coast of South Florida.

Scuba diving offers the unique chance for an up-close gaze at beautiful coral reefs, pristine marine life, and magnificent rock formations. Whether you are in the Florida Keys, Cozumel, or British Columbia, the vastly unexplored underwater world offers intrigue and excitement. However, much like space, being submersed in one of the Earth’s oceans is a formidable thought. Below the surface of the ocean is a hostile and dangerous environment, unequaled on our planet. Humans were not designed to be underwater for more than a few minutes, much less to spend hours investigating unusual species of plants and animals, or searching for lost treasure in ancient shipwrecks. But, with the right equipment, 70% of the globe becomes accessible to you the moment you learn to breathe underwater.

The right equipment makes all the difference. C&J knows equipment matters, and that’s why we use state-of-the-art products when we drill and set your well. Once our well drillers find water, and it’s time to connect to your indoor plumbing, a well pump is installed. C&J recommends high-quality Grundfos pumps. They are reliable and energy efficient, and are available in many options to meet your needs. Whether it’s the well casing, the water pipe & wire, the fittings, or the well pump, C&J makes sure the equipment we use will not only work, but that it will last.

Kevin NagelThe right employees make all the difference. It’s been said, “For a bad ballerina, even a tutu is in the way.” C&J understands that the equipment we use is only as good as the technicians installing it. Our company’s culture is very important to us, and this permeates our hiring process. We hire professional and skilled technicians to handle our customers’ water needs. One such technician is Kevin Nagel, who has been with C&J for over a year. Before joining our team, Kevin worked in geotechnical drilling, and was an engineer diver in the United States Army. He especially understands the importance having the right equipment, because it made the difference between life and death. Kevin is a great example of a C&J Technician, and we are thankful to have him on board.
C&J has great employees, utilizes great equipment, and ensures our customers have a great experience. Contact us for more details!