What to Do If Your Well Stops Working

I Think My Water Well Just Broke. What Should I Do?

It’s a situation no well owner ever wants to be in: You turn on the tap, glass in hand, but nothing happens. Where’s the water?

A no-water emergency can be a stressful, confusing time. To help you prepare for such a situation, let’s take a look at a few of the reasons that water wells fail; warning signs of a potential no-water emergency; and what to expect when you give us a call.

What to Do If Your Well Stops Working

Common Causes of Water Well Failure

Most of the time, a no-water emergency at a home equipped with a well is due to equipment failure. Well components like pumps and power supplies can fail, especially when they are poorly maintained and/or not properly cleaned. Sometimes, power can be restored with a simple flip of the circuit breaker.

Although not as prevalent as equipment failures, groundwater problems are another fairly common reason for a no-water emergency at home. Aquifers can run dry, or your well’s water source can become contaminated. These situations are often much more difficult to solve and require expert assistance.

One more thing that often causes water stoppage issues is a frozen pipe. While this phenomenon is extremely unlikely to happen this time of year, it is something to keep in the back of your mind once we get closer to fall and winter months.

Warning Signs of a No-Water Emergency

Many symptoms of an ongoing or impending no-water emergency are easy to identify, while many others are not… Look for these warning signs:

Equipment failure

  • Power loss
  • Strange noises from well equipment
  • Well pump keeps turning on and off
  • Fluctuating water pressure

Groundwater problem

  • Cloudy or dirty tap water
  • Water that tastes or smells strange
  • Air in faucets
  • Well pump keeps running longer than normal

Even if you can’t tell the difference between a faulty system and a dry well, it never hurts to call the pros.

Well Problems? Call (317) 852-WELL.

For water well problems, a plumber isn’t enough. You need the professional expertise and the specialized resources that only C&J Well Company can deliver. No-water emergencies rarely strike at convenient times. That’s why we offer limited after hour and weekend service, but the sooner you address your water issue and notify us, the sooner we can repair it.

Want to learn more? Contact us for details about our many well services. And remember – no emergency is too big or too small for us to solve, guaranteed!