How to Keep Well Water Rust & Sand Free

Rust needs three things to grow: iron, oxygen, and water. For all of you well owners out there, at least two of those things should be in pretty steady supply. So how do you keep rust and other unwanted impurities like sand out of your water? C&J Well Company in Indianapolis has a few suggestions and solutions on what you can do.


Getting Rid of Rust

Those dark red stains on sinks and bathtubs are a relatively common occurrence in homes connected to a well, and they mean that dissolved iron is present in the water. While not inherently harmful to your health, iron can attract bacterial slime which poses a potential threat and can damage vital well components. Preventing iron is a twofold process that involves filtration and chlorination:

  • First, you want to make sure that all screens and filters (in your well, water softener/treatment system, refrigerator/ice maker, etc.) are in good shape and not clogged with debris. Follow recommended replacement schedules, and replace filters early if they show signs of wear and tear.
  • Secondly, make sure that you flush your well at least once a year with bleach. A clean well usually means clean water.

If iron staining is occurring after the softener, we would recommend a service call for your water softener. Sometimes the media needs replaced or a simple mechanism can fail and require a repair or replacement.

Stopping Sand at the Source

Like iron and rust, sand is an all-too-familiar annoyance among well owners. The presence of sand in your home water supply is typically a sign that screens and filters need replaced. Less common but a bigger cause for concern – a well that suddenly starts pumping sand or grit could mean that the well itself is filling with sand.

In either case, your best bet is to contact a professional well contractor like C&J Well Company if you notice sediment in your Indianapolis area home’s water supply. Most of the time, we can identify the problem and fix it for you in the same visit.

Well Cleaning & Maintenance is Key

Like any complex system, keeping up to date on water well cleaning and maintenance is the most important thing a well owner can do since rust, sand, and buildup can easily enter your well and water supply. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to eliminate them, too. For more tips, tricks, and ways we can help, contact our team at C&J Well Company today.