Geothermal Well Drilling: How Does It Work?

Water wells are pretty straightforward. You dig a hole in the ground to reach the water table beneath, add a pump and some pipes, and voilà – there you have it. Granted, there is a bit more work involved, but at C&J Well Company of Indianapolis, digging water wells is similar to digging geothermal wells. So why all the confusion over the latter? Let’s “dig in” a bit more, shall we?

What Does Geothermal Mean?

Geothermal heating and cooling means using the earth’s natural and consistent temperature right under the ground to heat and cool your home. The idea is the same for heating and cooling energy, but since it’s late autumn we’ll focus on heating.

With geothermal, you don’t “make” heat … you move it. The earth’s crust temperature is about 55 degrees, 365 days a year. We might have a foot of snow on the ground during winters here in Indiana, but just a few feet below our feet, the earth is still 55 degrees. Geothermal heating harnesses that temperature and moves it into and through your home.

What Are the Benefits of Geothermal?

There are several ways geothermal heating and cooling systems top their traditional HVAC alternatives. Geothermal is eco-friendly – since you are harnessing the earth’s natural energy, there is no need to burn fuel. Geothermal systems are affordable and often cost less than natural gas or heating oil to operate. They are also quiet, efficient, reliable, and low-maintenance.

How Does Geothermal Work?

Moving that heat takes a few pieces of equipment in what’s called a “loop.” With geothermal heating, there are two common types of loops – open and closed. An open loop system relies on two wells, one supply well and one return well, and circulates water via pipes between the two. In a closed loop system, a water solution is always in the pipes (think lava lamp), and is circulated through your home’s ventilation.

Where Should I Dig My Geothermal Well?

Great question. That’s where C&J Well Company comes in. No matter the type, size, or scope of your geothermal heating and cooling needs, we can help. Live in the country, suburbs, or busy city? No problem!

We dig geothermal wells using the same techniques and equipment for standard drinking water wells. Count on our experience and expertise to choose the best spots on your property to dig and set up geothermal wells. Once your well is ready go, you can harness the power of geothermal energy to heat and cool your home, generate power, and even heat your home’s water and your hot tub, too!

How Can I Learn More?

C&J Well is your central Indiana expert in everything geothermal. From geothermal well digging, to heating and cooling system installation and maintenance, we do it all! Contact a team member today for a no-hassle analysis of your geothermal needs.

Winter’s right around the corner. Are you tired of dealing with an outdated or poorly performing HVAC system? Make the switch to geothermal heating and cooling today.