4 Signs Your Well Needs to Be Cleaned or Replaced

Your well water system should be treated like any home appliance, it requires regular maintenance and monitoring. Finding a trusted well service company is essential to ensuring you’ll always have a fresh, clean water supply. However, when your well has unexpected signs of malfunction, it’s important to act quickly. Here are four common indicators that your well water system needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Sputtering Faucets

A sputtering faucet is an indication that there might be a damaged seal or malfunctioning pump. Keeping up regular maintenance can avoid issues like these, as they can be caused by build-up in your well. Replacing the well might be necessary if the pump is irreparable, but your well service provider can properly assess the situation.

Higher Electric Bill

This can be due to your well pump working overtime due to sediment build-up. Often times a proper cleaning done by a professional well service provider can fix this problem, and your electric bill will return to normal. However, if your well equipment is worn down due to lack of attention to this type of problem for a few months it may need to be replaced.

Water Isn’t Clear

Anything out of the norm is a cause for concern. If you are finding your water to be white and cloudy or yellowed, it could be time for a cleaning to flush out the organic and inorganic particle build-up in your well. A reddish brown is also a reason to schedule a cleaning, as your well probably needs to be bleached to take care of the extra iron and manganese in your water.

The most alarming sign is if your water has a blue-green hue, as this indicates copper pipe corrosion. If the pipes are too far corroded it might be time for a new well system!

Low Water Pressure

Water pressure change is something well owners should always be aware of. If you notice a change in your pressure, even slight, check your pump’s psi gauge. If your gauge is showing under 20psi, it’s time to call your well service provider. If it’s an older well, replacement is probably the best option.

If one or more of these issues are happening with your own well, it’s in your best interest to call your well service provider immediately. Your water supply can have a significant impact on your health and wellness, so don’t ignore these signs of improper well function! Contact us at C&J Well Co. today to hear about the well services we offer.