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Pressure Tank Warranty — Optional Inspection

We installed a tank at your location and were made aware of a potential problem…

At C&J Well Co., your satisfaction and trust in our products are our top priorities.


Although there have been no recalls from the manufacturer, we have identified a minor risk that could result in a slow water leak or the tank not maintaining proper air pressure.

This means that, in rare instances, your pressure tank could have an issue. While most of our fiberglass pressure tanks perform flawlessly, we believe in transparency and want to inform you of a potential problem.

As a proactive measure, we are offering you a complimentary inspection. We want to take extra steps to ensure your continued satisfaction.

If it’s inconvenient to have us stop by, You can look for a quick-cycling tank. Run a tub or outside spigot and listen for clicks from the pressure switch closer to 15 seconds apart. If you suspect it’s closer, C&J would love to get the tank inspected ASAP!

To schedule your inspection or if you have any questions, please get in touch with our customer service team. Thank you for choosing C&J Well Co.