Well Preventative Maintenance & Peace of Mind  

Water Well Maintenance

Maintain Your Water Well & Avoid Problems

Relief—the overwhelming feeling when a problem finds its solution when we are no longer worried about a situation. Many of us find relief, after the holidays are over and the busyness slows down. When the clock struck midnight, hurling us into a new year, we find relief.  Relief comes after big problems are solved, but we can also find it when we take care of the little things, like changing the batteries in our smoke detectors, winterizing our homes, or changing the oil in our vehicles. Preventative maintenance on your water well system also brings the peace of mind that everything is working correctly—relief.

Water Well MaintenanceWhat is a Water Well Cleanout?  

After years of use, a well can get nasty build up from sediment and other minerals. This gunk can cause low water pressure, staining on appliances and fixtures, as well as a diminished performance from your water well pump. A well cleaning at least every ten years helps prevent these issues by using high-pressure air to lift years of muck and mire out of your well. The professionals at C&J have decades of experience performing this service, as well as the right equipment.  

Some Warning Signs it’s Time for a Water Well Cleaning:  

  • Muddy or cloudy water, or water with sediment
  • Water that smells or tastes weird
  • Biological testing that comes back positive
  • Lower water flow or well capacity 

Ignoring these signs can cause health problems and/or premature breakdowns of water well components. A professional water well cleaning from C&J Well Company will extend the life of your well and keep your water clean and fresh. 

What is Included in a 6-point Inspection?  

Just as you get your furnace or air conditioner inspected each year, you should get your water well system inspected annually. 

We start by checking your well pump and making sure it has the correct amps and ohms.  Your submersible well pump is the “heart” of your well system. We read the amps to make sure your pump is in good working condition. 

We also inspect your pressure switch to make sure it has the proper connections. Your pressure switch works with the pressure tank to regulate pressure and operate the pump. We inspect the switch contacts and wiring to ensure everything is safe and working properly. 

Next, we check the pressure in your tank to ensure it is holding within the recommended range. A properly working well pressure tank preserves the life of your well pump and pressure switch. We make sure it will build and hold the correct pressure, ensuring long life for your well pump. 

We then evaluate the water flow in your home and determine if it is what it should be. During the flow evaluation, we run water to make sure your pump and well can keep up with the demand. This is a great way to determine if there are other,  more serious issues in your well system. 

Our licensed technicians also examine your water well system piping for any leaks. This is an examination for leaks in your visible water lines. We also inspect the lines for corrosion and rot. We make sure your water well system piping is able to hold the necessary pressure to provide water to your home. 

Before we leave, our technicians take a water sample from your kitchen sink. This sample is sent to an independent testing laboratory and the results are sent to you. If the results are unsatisfactory, we have many solutions to make your water safe for your home. These six procedures are a very important part of finding minor issues before they become major ones.  

Combine Services for the Best Water Well Preventative Maintenance

Contact us to schedule a water well cleanout and a 6-point inspection today.  

Combined together, these two great services provide the peace of mind that your home has a properly functioning well system, and C&J can help! Be sure to check out our Seasonal Specials and save on water well services.