The Importance of Water Well Maintenance

well water maintenance

Water wells are the foundation of any home, farm, or business and provide a reliable water source for drinking, cooking, and bathing. But it’s not enough to just install a well and leave it there—you need to keep it in good working order.  Wells tapping groundwater resources can provide drinking water of the highest quality, and owning a private household well water supply allows homeowners to control their water supply. Ownership also comes with the responsibility of keeping the water well in good working order. This post will outline the main components of your private water well system and the importance of water well maintenance.

water well maintenance

What is a Private Water Well?

Water wells are used for drinking water and irrigation. A private water supply system consists of a buried pipe that connects your house or building with a storage tank; then, there is another pipe that connects the tank with its source. Finally, another line transports fresh water into your home or building for you to use.

Main Components in a Water Well System

Water Well Pump—A water well pump is a mechanical device that transfers water from the ground to your home. It does this by connecting to the casing of your water well and pumping groundwater.

If you have a well, it’s important to ensure that it’s functioning properly—this ensures that you always have adequate access to fresh, clean water. As such, it’s important to check with a professional how often they should be serviced and maintained.

Water Well Pressure Tank—A water well pressure tank is an important part of a water well system, and it’s one of the most important pieces of equipment you need to maintain. A pressure tank stores water between uses, so you don’t have to use all the water simultaneously. If you don’t have a pressure tank, there would be no way for your family or business to use any more than what was being pumped out of the ground right away—and that would mean wasting lots of good clean drinking water!

Different-sized tanks are available depending on your needs, so when selecting one for yourself, keep in mind how many people will be using it regularly (including kids!) and whether or not there are any seasonal changes like summer vacations when everyone is gone from home for weeks at a time but still needs access to clean drinking water in case something should happen at home.

Water Well Pressure Switch—Water well pressure switches are an important part of your water system because they regulate the amount of water pumped out of your well. If a pressure switch fails, it can cause an increase in the amount of water used by your household and damage your pump.

You should inspect these devices regularly to ensure they’re functioning properly, especially if you notice any leaks from above-ground pipes or have any other system problems. You may also want to replace a pressure switch after several years, even if it works properly.

Private Water Well Components Require Regular Preventive Maintenance

Private water wells are a long-term investment, and they can last many decades and provide high-quality water with proper care. However, wells need to be serviced annually and cleaned out at least every ten years. Regular maintenance of your well is required to ensure the continued safety of your water and to monitor for the presence of any contaminants. The National Ground Water Association provides information to help you schedule a well water check-up.

Keep hazardous chemicals, such as paint, fertilizer, pesticides, and motor oil, far away from your well, and maintain a “clean” zone of at least 50 feet between your well and any kennels or livestock operations. Additionally, maintain proper separation between your well and buildings, waste systems, or chemical storage areas. As a licensed, professional water well contractor, C&J  is familiar with all the applicable local codes. 

Also, periodically check the well cover or well cap on top of the casing to ensure it is in good condition and securely attached, and its seal should keep out insects and rodents. You should also keep your well records in a safe place. These include the construction report, annual water well system maintenance, and water testing results.

water well maintenance

Finally, get your water tested anytime there is a change in taste, odor, or appearance or when the system is serviced. Wells should be checked and tested annually for mechanical problems, cleanliness, and the presence of certain contaminants, such as coliform bacteria, nitrates/nitrites, and any other contaminants of local concern—for example, arsenic and radon.

C&J Well Company understands that maintaining your private well is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. We offer our customers affordable, preventive maintenance services for their private water well systems to help ensure the longevity of their wells and prevent premature component failure. These measures will also give you peace of mind knowing that an experienced company can assist if anything goes wrong with your system.

If you are interested in learning more about water well maintenance, please contact us! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.