Spring Cleaning – Don’t Forget Your Well!

C&J Spring Cleaning

April showers are falling and May flowers are growing – two big signs that spring is definitely here! But we bet there’s one important area in your home that hasn’t made it on your spring cleaning list this year: your home’s water well.  After another tough Indiana winter, it could certainly use some TLC.

DIY Water Well Maintenance for Homeowners

To keep your well running efficiently and in the best condition possible, there are a few simple things you can do on your own.

  • Know your well’s history.
    Hang on to your annual inspection reports, maintenance & repair invoices, and all of your water quality testing results.
  • Recognize well cover damage.
    Check the cap and top of your water well casing to make sure things seal up properly and that no visible damage is apparent.
  • Prevent contamination of your home’s well water
    Keep chemicals, hazardous materials, and pet and livestock enclosures from breaching a safe zone of at least 50 feet in every direction from your well’s cap.

Add C&J Well to Your Annual “To-Do” List

Along with testing your smoke detectors and having your air conditioner tune-up, adding qualified water well inspection to this spring’s to-do list is a smart move. It could also save you money and prevent costly mechanical breakdowns in the long run. C&J offers comprehensive well inspections for homes and businesses. Count on our multi-point service to include the following features:

  • Water flow test
  • Water level measure
  • Electrical performance check
  • Equipment condition check
  • Water quality test
  • Sanitation test

When operating properly, water wells are fairly hassle-free machines. Read more here regarding our cleanout process. Don’t put the upkeep off any longer – call contact us today!