This Summer, Go Halfsies with C&J on a Service Call! 

Remember lunchtime in elementary school, when you gazed into your lunchbox to discover what delicacies you had to eat that day? Maybe you preferred a PB&J or Lunchable. Perhaps a turkey sandwich and some chips was your thing back in the day. It’s even possible that your frugal and responsible parents shipped you off to school, destined for embarrassment and shame, with the lowest of the low—leftovers. Whatever the entrée, think back to the apex of the meal—dessert. Remember your elation when you discovered a brownie, cookie, Fruit Roll-up, candy bar, Snack Pack, or my particular favorite—a Nutty Bar. You had done the responsible thing and waited until the end to indulge in this pleasure, and as you were moments away from finally enjoying it, you heard those dreaded words, “wanna go halfsies?” Someone had seen your tasty treat and wanted you to split it with them. What was your reaction to this someone you had—up until that moment—thought of as a friend? Maybe you were altruistic and split it with your companion, or perhaps you grew weary of the daily requests from your so-called friend and had a teach a man to fish mentality. Indeed, elementary school children (and adults, for that matter) can be fickle and moody. Whatever your particular reaction to the entreaties of your adolescent classmates, generally speaking, we are all grateful and appreciative when we are the beneficiaries of generosity.

This summer, C&J would like to “go halfsies” with Central Indiana.

We understand the current economic climate in which hard-working Hoosiers find themselves. As a result, we would like to offer to help shoulder that burden. For the rest of the summer, we are splitting the regular service call fee from $150 to $75.

That’s right!

If it’s Monday through Friday, and you’re willing to put a C&J sign in your yard, we will take 50% off our fee for service and diagnostic calls. 

If you wake up one morning and your water won’t turn on, not only do you get priority in the schedule, you get half off of the fee for C&J to come diagnose the problem. If your tank won’t build pressure or you have a leak somewhere in your water line, scheduling the experts at C&J to diagnose and fix it is more affordable than ever. Maybe your ancient well pump is hanging on for dear life like a dimpled chad in the 2000 presidential election and needs to be replaced—let us split the diagnostic fee with you. Additionally, if your repairs exceed $500 the entire service call fee gets credited to your bill. Rest assured, if you have a well problem, we’ll solve it. So this summer, go halfsies with C&J, take your extra $75, and do something fun! 

1 Admittedly, this whole scenario might be a bit quixotic, and really you just ate whatever the school cafeteria had on the menu that day, without a second thought. 
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